Thursday, June 28, 2018

Memorial for Tony Clawson

Tony Clawson memorial at 6:00 PM at 52007 Old East End Road. Tony's family invites us to share in a potluck, stories about Tony, photos or memories.

Tony always helped with hanging the Spring Show.

The cabinet that Tony built for KBWS.

Tony, far right, and the hangers.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mixing Black with Color is this Saturday's Paint-together Challenge.

Lynda will share what she learned in Bev Jozwiak's workshop - making your blacks come alive with color. Using Bev's painting crow demonstration, Lynda has been practicing painting crows (could be ravens). Come prepared to paint vibrant black.
You will need to bring ultramarine blue, burnt sienna (or transparent red iron oxide, which what I use) and whatever other colors you choose. Bring photos of black birds or other dark objects you wish to paint.
If you have a painting you would like critiqued or want input regarding any aspect of the painting, please bring it and we will share our thoughts. We also welcome "tips & techniques," if you have any to share, we want to hear them.