Thursday, September 29, 2016

Annella Campbell Workshop by Michael Murray

Annella Campbell's three day workshop September 16 through 18, 2016
was divided into three distinct demos but also allowed for ample
painting time for individual interests and instructor guidance as well
as a review and discussion of individual works at the end of two of
the days.

Day one Annella showed how one can combine ideas from several photos
to create a unified composition.  She used three photos she took in
Homer three years ago and created a thumbnail sketch to compose her
idea.  She then drew the composition on a half sheet of 140# cold
press paper. As she worked she showed a variety of techniques to
create texture, deal with shadow, adjust positions of characters and
objects to make the entire work hold together.

At the end of the first day we gathered for a nice social time which
was a great way to visit after our busy day.

Day two, at the requests of some students, Annella demonstrated
creating a still life using transparent objects (ie glass).  Her
completed composition featuring jars, fruit and fabric was completely
developed and painted that day. In between Annella circulated among
the participants offering suggestions, answering questions, and
problem solving with the group and individuals.

Day three Annella presented a "surprise". Each participant was given a
sheet of watercolor paper with Masa paper adhered to it. Masa is
Japanese paper made of bark.  She explained how to do the preparation,
but had these premounted to 140# paper to save the time of drying.
Masa lends itself to softer detail and varied texture. Her demo was of
a North Dakota farm scene. She also brought other examples of her
works on Masa so people could see them and the effects created.

The results by participants were considerably varied all three days.
The space at Lands End was excellent and each person had a large
painting area on a large table (each person had their own).  The porch
offered beautiful views and a chance to observe boats and people
fishing as well as the sound of waves and the sweet smell of the salt
air.  The staff served the group well and met our needs.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Annella Campbell Workshop

Our 3-day workshop at Land's End was wonderful, as usual. It is always fun to get together and have our members from Kenai-Soldotna and Anchorage join us as well.

Make your first wash "tea" consistency
Start with a small value sketch

Annella told us how to make this colorful mat border

A painting from the 14-year-old Annella

Glass painting, day 2.

Day 3--painting on MASA paper

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 2; First Friday

Two of our long-time members had shows in September. Janaan Kitchen showed her fabulous batiks on paper at the Ptarmigan, including some from Australia. She had a solo show Down Under and brought back some Outback inspired batiks. Congratulations, Janaan!

Marlyn Kramer had a show at the Fireweed Gallery with beautiful paintings of everything from flowers to caribou.  Be sure to check it out.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Plein Aire group met at Baycrest to paint in the sun.

Janaan Kitchen and batik art
Marlyn Kramer in her flower garden