Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Little Watercolor Society that Could

By Donna Martin, President

"Paula" by Donna Martin
 Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society earned this nickname early on when a few determined artists started the watercolor society with no money, no grants, and lots of determination and enthusiasm.  Our self-funded, not-for-profit group has continued through some terrible setbacks, such as the loss of our dear founder and mentor, Paula Dickey.  I’d like to thank all the people who have stepped up to help continue the Society after this devastating loss.

"Embers" by Char Jump
Several years ago, Colorado suffered terrible fires that depleted fire-fighting resources, and the “Ashes to Art Project” was founded to benefit the volunteer firefighters and buy new equipment. At least six of our members created beautiful works of art using charcoal or wood pieces from the High Park Fire of 2012. Who would have thought that jewelry
could be made from such an ugly thing, but Char Jump did just that with her stunning necklace, “Embers.”

"Fireweed" by Murray

 Michael Murray did a colorful piece called “Fireweed” using charcoal for the darks.

"Pears" by Andy Sonneborn

Andy Sonneborn submitted a lovely charcoal drawing of pears on a gold-toned background.

"Out of Ashes" by Eva Stovall

Eva Stovall did a powerful piece, “Out of Ashes,”depicting fireweed and green growth springing up from the destruction.

"Balanced Rock" by Donna Martin

"Garden Memories" by Donna Martin

Donna Martin, did two watercolors from her childhood recollection of growing up near the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, “Balanced Rock” and “Garden Memories.” She used charcoal for the burned trees as well as pieces of burned wood glued onto the paper.

"Transformative Balance"
by Mary Bee Kaufman

Mary Bee Kaufman submitted a beautiful wall hanging called “Transformative Balance.”  She states, “Fire challenges the balance of nature, a balance that hangs tenuously on relationships between the earth and man, the sway of seasons and the weight of time. As a transformative force, from fire destruction begets regeneration and adaptation.  As fire scorches the earth, it forces a new sense of equilibrium. It is in the struggle for balance that this piece finds its base.”

Thanks to everyone who participated. We are looking forward to a creative future.  Happy painting!

Friday, May 8, 2015

May Paint In-Out & Potluck

Jan Peyton gave us some great ideas on how to pack a bag for painting outdoors. She then showed us how to do a wet-on-wet painting. Next we went to Tony's and painted outside followed by a fabulous and fun potluck.

 All of Jan's supplies fit in this sturdy bag with handles. She rolls the watercolor paper around the paper towel roll, uses a small palette with only her favorite colors, small plastic water container, and a tiny sponge. A 1/4 sheet size backing board will also fit. She can pack this whole bag in her suitcase with her clothes around it for travel.
Wet-On-wet demo of flowers

Cindy and friend enjoy the spectacular view

Tony made a pie!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 "Spring into Watercolors" Annual Spring Show

"Lost Dreams" was our collaborative painting this year.  Thanks to Mary Bee Kaufman for coordinating the show and to Nina Burkholder for heading up the intrepid hanging team.

Marybee, Maria, Lynda enjoy the show
"Lost Dreams" sold right away