Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gayle Weisfield Workshop September 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

Please consider joining us this fall for an exciting new adventure into water color expression with Gayle Weisfield. Many of you have been to her web site and are just waiting for the formal official offering. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Gayle in April in Washington. I am very confident she will bring us a new perspective and skill set that we can weave into our own work.

She will be using her "bogaboards" that she designed in the '70s for half sheets. They will be offered at a discount to participants of the workshop if you choose to purchase one (more on that later as we will need a head count.) You will also be able to use your own preference, for example gator board and staples. The goal is to facilitate working with wet paper yet being able to stabilize it, as it dries, keeping it flat.

I will have more to share as time goes on. Please send me questions or thoughts and also start setting aside photos you want to work with, and or challenging topics within the "landscape" category. She wants to help us paint our environment.

So for now I will sign off and say congratulations to all who are part of the current Watercolor show at Fireweed. Happy Spring--- now leading the charge into summer.

Take care,
Marilyn Kirkham

Plein Aire Painting Experience

Cindy, Karen and I made it out to Lighthouse village this morning for a few hours of painting and little discussions about composition. perspective, simplification, value, etc. It was relaxed and informal.

The next planned paint out will be a week from Friday (May 19) Some are planning to meet at Wild Honey (formerly Maura's next to Bunnell) for breakfast at 9:00 followed by painting around 10:00 behind Beluga Lodge overlooking the slough for the next plein aire painting experience. If the weather is rainy they will go to the gazebo at Bishop's Beach as an alternative location. This is open to anyone who wants to paint or draw in any medium. (I'll be there if jury duty does not occur). 

Also remember to mark your calendar for the 2nd weekend in June for a Seward Paint Out (all weekend) and the 2nd weekend in August in Homer for another plein aire paint out.  Andie Sonneborn is the organizer behind these two gatherings in any medium.  These are usually well attended by artists from throughout the state and sometimes beyond and great fun. 

Keep painting!!!!

Michael Murray

Did you know we now have a facebook page?

You can upload your most current work, post comments, get involved.

Friday, April 28, 2017

May 2nd Deadline

Don't forget to have your paintings delivered to the Fireweed Gallery by noon on Tuesday, May 2. The Spring Show opens on May 5.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The April Paint In led by Janice Peyton

The April Paint In led by Janice Peyton was based on the book, "Watercolor, Painting Outside the Lines" by Linda Kemp, which describes the concept of the negative painting technique.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Missing pieces for this year's collaborative

We still have 2 missing pieces from this year's collaborative. Please turn them in to Lynda at Homer Art and Frame as soon as possible. We need time to have the pieces scanned (for making prints) and put together for framing. The Fireweed Gallery will also need an image for advertising our upcoming Spring Show.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Please Join us on Facebook !

I started a Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society Group on Facebook. 

I chose "Kachemak Dawn" a 16" x 20" Watercolor by Donna Stafford Martin as our cover photo.

You are welcome to join us and post your latest artwork or ideas there.

I've only added or invited a few members that I am sure of. If you are friends with anyone on facebook who is a member of our Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society, PLEASE feel free to add them.

If you would like to help administer this page, just let me know.